Youtube training in Hyderabad

This 5-days Youtube Training in Hyderabad is about creating your own videos with a Camera or Smartphone and editing those videos with video editing software's. This Course Explains How To Create a channel and upload your videos. Then you learn how to customise your YouTube channel's About page, create engaging playlists, and customise content to draw in more viewers. This Course also explains how to optimise your videos and promote them in social media. Once you reach 4000 Hours and 1000 Subscribers you can monotize your videos to earn money from youtube

At the end of this youtube training course you’ll be able to create video content for YouTube. You’ll understand how to optimize your channel and produce videos that get found on Google and YouTube search.

Throughout this youtube training, we’ll teach you all the skills you’ll need to be successful on YouTube.

What You Learn In This Youtube Training Course

  • What is Youtube
  • Facts About Youtube
  • How to create a Youtube Channel
  • Channel Icon, Channel Art and Channel Description
  • Add Links on Your YouTube Channel Art
  • Customize Your YouTube Channel
  • YouTube Channel Keywords
  • Organize your content with channel sections
  • Create videos to promote your Business, Products and Services
  • 12 Best Types of YouTube Content to Succeed
  • Build The Following Youtube Skills
  • How to film a video with Camera, Smartphone, Webcam and Screen recorder


The Four Pillars Of Youtube Training

Create Your Videos

Smartphones with a good camera and you can create professional looking videos with ease.

Edit Your Videos

With video editing software’s you can cut, trim, crop, zoom, split, and add transition effects to your videos.

Optimize Your Videos

Keywords are crucial to your videos getting found. There are about 25 ways to optimize your videos.

Promote Your Videos

Share your newly published videos on social media channels. Start a blog for your youtube channel


Getting More Views

Use Descriptive Titles, Descriptions and Tags. Optimize Your Thumbnail  Image, Create Transcripts. Use Cards and End Screens. Create Playlists and Optimize Your Videos. Promote on Social Media


Getting More Subscriptions

Post Your Content Consistently. Name Your Videos Correctly. Create A Custom Thumbnail. Ask For Subscribers. Create A Channel Trailer. Use YouTube Playlists. Promote Your Channel


Create Quality and HD Videos

Always wanted to make a high-quality video using photographs or video which you shot yourself. It’s not difficult and no need to use complex and expensive software.

Basic Equipment Needed To Start Your Youtube Channel

When creating a YouTube channel one of the first things that you need to think about is, the equipment needed to start your Youtube Channel, See Below



You can start even with a smartphone


For Video Editing and to upload your videos to youtube

Video Editing Software

To edit the videos and to make changes into the videos


For HD Videos you need a Professional Video Camera


Voice quality is one important element of a good YouTube video


A camera needs a tripod and it won’t cost you much

Create Stunning Videos Now

Your smartphone might even shoot video in FullHD, and shoot lovely high quality videos. Poor video making techniques will probably result in a poor video making. 

Proper lighting has a huge impact on smartphone cameras because they have smaller image sensors and lenses. Hold your smartphone using both hands, and lock your elbows into your body for extra stability and take the shots.

Make Professional Quality Videos With Your Smartphone

Smartphones with a great camera and the ability to record HD videos are no longer difficult to find – in fact they’re available everywhere.

youtube training in hyderabad

Course Curriculum

The objective of this 5-days Youtube Training In Hyderabad Is All About Creating, Editing, Optimising and Promoting Your Own Videos 


Make Your Videos

While you want your video to look good, the quality of your audio is also more important than the video.


Optimise Your Videos

It is the necessity for your videos to rank high in YouTube. Here we are teaching you different ways to optimise your videos

Facts About Youtube

• The Very First YouTube Video Was Uploaded On 23 April 2005.
• The Total Number Of People Who Use YouTube – 1,300,000,000.
• 300 Hours Of Video Are Uploaded To YouTube Every Minute!
• Almost 5 Billion Videos Are Watched On YouTube Every Single Day.
• YouTube Gets Over 30 Million Visitors Per Day
• 6 Out Of 10 People Prefer Online Video Platforms To Live TV
• The Total Number Of Hours Of Video Watched On YouTube Each Month – 3.25 Billion.
• 80% Of YouTube’s Views Are From Outside Of The U.S.
• Over 400 Million People In India Watch Youtube
• The Average Number Of Mobile YouTube Video Views Per Day Is 1,000,000,000
• More Than 70% Of YouTube Views Come From Mobile Devices.

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Recent Posts

Video Optimisation Techniques

YouTube SEO is a bit different from regular SEO, and it might take a little while to get used to. To help make it easy for you,
we created a list of techniques that will provide you with the visibility you need on YouTube.


Video Filename

Naming your video file before upload, If you wanted to rank for the keyword “weight loss tips”, you’d want to name your video “weight-loss-tips-video.mp4.”

Video Title

Use the keyword list to construct the title. The title of your video should be at least 5-words long. That way, you can include your full keyword without keyword-stuffing.

Video Description

The description should include ALL your keywords, woven into legible paragraphs that again don’t look like spam.

Video Tags

Tags aren’t super-important, but they help. Just include a few keywords to help YouTube and Google learn what your video is about. Video tags can be inserted in the ‘Tags’ section

Video Quality

Always upload HD videos not standard definition videos – Video quality is an incredibly important ranking factor, and high-definition (HD) videos rank better than lower-quality ones.

Video Length

Video lenth should be minimum 5-10 Minutes long – Longer videos perform best in YouTube search. The average video on the first page of YouTube’s search results is 14:50 minutes long.

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Your Progress

Knowledge About Youtube & Videos 95%
Knowledge About Video Creation 90%
Video Optimization Techniques 95%
Promote Your Videos On Social Media 85%

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