Course Details

Youtube Training Course Curriculum

Day 1:

  1. What is Youtube
  2. Facts About Youtube
  3. How to create a Youtube Channel
  4. Channel Icon, Channel Art and Channel Description
  5. Add Links on Your YouTube Channel Art
  6. Customize Your YouTube Channel
  7. YouTube Channel Keywords
  8. Organize your content with channel sections
  9. Create videos to promote your Business, Products and Services
  10. 12 Best Types of YouTube Content to Succeed
  11. Build The Following Youtube Skills
  12. Film a video with Webcam and Screen recorder

Day 2:

  1. Youtube Tools
  2. Youtube Keyword Research Tools
  3. Basic Equipment Needed To Start Your Youtube Channel
  4. Camera Basics (Aperture, Focal Length, ISO and Shutter Speed)
  5. How to film a video with Camera, Smartphone, Webcam and Screen recorder
  6. Professional Quality Video from Your Camera or Smartphone
  7. Film a video with Camera and Smartphone

Day 3:

  1. How to edit your videos like a professional (Cut, Trim or Split)
  2. How to improve sound quality and remove background noise from your videos
  3. How to add text, graphics and special effects to your videos
  4. How to Creating Better Videos
  5. How to replace or delete a video on youtube
  6. Copyright basics and Copyright strikes   
  7. Royalty Free Music    
  8. Features, Settings and Privacy
  9. Places from where you can get music files for free
  10. Where To Find Creative Common Videos
  11. YouTube Ad Formats
  12. Ways To Get More Subscribers

Day 4:

  1. Rank Your YouTube Videos

Day 5:

  1. YouTube Channel Ideas Popular
  2. Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel
  3. Where To Find Creative Common Videos
  4. Channel Trailer       
  5. Engagement Metrics: Like, Comment and Share         
  6. How to Increase Engagement
  7. Playlists
  8. End-screens
  9. Cards
  10. Thumbnails
  11. Transcribe    
  12. Subscribe
  13. YouTube Analytics           
  14. Manage your channel with Creator Studio
  15. Video Manager

Once you join this Youtube Training Course you will get a

YouTube Starter Kit

In This Kit You Will Find

Useful and Must Software’s,
YouTube Channel Artwork Templates
YouTube End Card Templates
100+ Ideas for YouTube Videos etc.

Duration: 5 Days,
Time: Every week Mon to Fri between 6 to 8 PM
Course Fee: Rs.5,000/-

Feel Free To Call 8466 960 747 For Any Other Timings

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